Visa Information

First of all, please check the following URL to see if you need a visa to enter Denmark.

In case you need a visa to enter Denmark, please contact the General Chair Torben B. Pedersen [ tbp (at) cs (dot) aau (dot) dk ] as soon as possible to get an invitation letter to present to your local Danish Embassy. A processing time of up to 6 weeks should be expected at your local Embassy!

For more detailed information on obtaining short term visa for Denmark, please visit the website of the Danish Immigration Service

Tourist Information

Situated like a pearl in the Nordic Limfjord, Aalborg is a really unique Scandinavian city. Aalborg always exhibits impressive contrasts through its multiple facets. From old to new, it features both Viking relics and modern designs. From sea to land, it offers both oceanic views and inland scenery. From spring to winter, it hosts diversified cultural events. Aalborg is a place for sightseeing, fun and even adventure. Each year, hotels of all types, bars of distinctive styles, museums of different themes, and many other convenient tourist facilities accommodate over 300,000 visitors from all over the world.

During summer, Aalborg is a great tourist attraction with expansive white beaches. By excursions of 30 minutes to one hour from the city center, one can easily reach the broad, white beaches and beautiful landscape of the North Sea on the west coast of Jutland. Meanwhile, over 300 restaurants and bars in the city render short Nordic summer nights even shorter and unforgettable.

Social Event Description

SSTD 2009 will include a half-day social program that samples the natural and cultural uniqueness of North Jylland. We will go through Sæby and the ferry port of Frederikshavn to Skagen, the northernmost town in Denmark. On the way, we will take a short break at the Råbjerg Mile migrating sand dunes just south of Skagen. In Skagen, we will start by visiting Grenen in the tractor-driven 'Sandormen' (the Sand Worm). Grenen is the northernmost point in Denmark, also forming the top of the European continent where the neighboring seas of Kattegat and Skagerrak meet. After that, we will visit Skagen's Museum, famous for its large collection of paintings from the Scandinavian Golden Age. The banquet will be at restaurant Pakhuset that overlooks the busy yacht harbor of Skagen. Before the banquet, there will be leisure time to be spent in this charming, picturesque town, and you will surely discover why Skagen is one of the most popular destinations in Denmark.

Local Travel Information

General Information

General information about train and bus in Denmark:

Information of local bus in Aalborg:

Train information (DSB, Danish State Railways):

Coming to Aalborg from Copenhagen

You can come to Aalborg from Copenhagen by either flight or train.

For flight information, please visit the SAS International website:

For train information, please visit the Danish State Railways (DSB) website:
Please read this leaflet for the train.
To travel from Copenhagen (i.e., København) to Aalborg, you should take the route #1 (see page 2).
In the leaflet, you can find a content index (on page 3), key symbols (on page 5), and the time table of route #1 (on pages 14-37).
Note that the train station in Aalborg is just next to the Aalborg bus terminal.

Directions to the Conference Hotel (Hotel Hvide Hus)

When you arrive at the Aalborg airport (Aalborg Lufthavn), you can take the bus #2E to the Aalborg bus terminal (Aalborg Busterminal).
Its time table is available on pages 56-57 of this leaflet.
When you arrive at the Aalborg bus terminal (or the train station), you just need to take 5 minutes walk to the hotel.
This map shows a convenient walking route from the train station to the hotel.

Directions to Advanced Seminars (Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University)

When you are at the Aalborg bus terminal, you can take either bus #2E, bus #2J, or bus #2K to the stop called Universitetet (AAU Busterminal).
Its time table is available on pages 52-53 of this leaflet.
Please also check this map for detail directions to the Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University.